Meet the Team - Trevor Post

Posted by Kat Jorgensen on Nov 12, 2020

Volume 1 / Issue 3
By Kat Jorgensen


Trevor Post is a local to the Bradenton, FL area. Trevor has been working for xByte Technologies since 2017, and as a local, met many of his current xByte co-workers in high school.

Trevor began his IT career through a vendor that worked with xByte. This gave him insight on xByte’s company culture and business practices. Trevor especially liked the “small company feel”, where every employee’s input is valued and the high employee retention rate. Trevor began his career at xByte as a general sales associate working for multiple reps. He is now a dedicated sales associate for Brad Beebe and leads the team of other sales associates. Trevor is looking towards the future and will soon be moving into an enterprise sales rep position. Having experienced the IT solutions process from both the vendor side as a customer and as an xByte sales associate, Trevor has developed a great understanding of Enterprise Level IT and an has an eye for processes to help orders move faster. Trevor sets accurate expectations, understands what needs to be done, and the best way to do what is needed, to ensure the best customer experience.

“Trevor is a great colleague and person. He goes above and beyond in everything he does and xByte is lucky to have him!” – Brad Beebe

5 things about Trevor:

  • Trevor is a big music fan, with rock always playing in his ear buds. He tries to catch “Coheed and Cambria” live whenever he can.
  • Trevor and his two kids love cooking together as a family. When Trevor makes a great deal, they celebrate by cooking surf n turf.
  • When the kids have gone to bed, Trevor loves working with acrylic paint on his miniatures.
  • Trevor is a big board game player. Do not expect to win against him if playing Puerto Rico.
  • If he were to describe himself as a server, it would be an R740xd: solid performance, extra capacity, versatile workloads and well rounded.

Memorable customer story

Earlier this year, during the initial COVID-19 restrictions, Trevor was working form home and covering for his enterprise rep. A customer was introduced to him because their IT infrastructure was compromised by malicious software, and their entire IT infrastructure was at risk. The customer had originally reached out to a different company, but received no help nor a solution. Trevor met with them virtually, quickly identified their needs, and created a solution that could not only replace the infected equipment, but improve their overall IT infrastructure. xByte expited the build and delivery, minimizing impact of the company’s compromised IT equipment. The solution deployed seamlessly, the customer has become a repeat customer, and already has plans with Trevor for their expansion in 2021.

“His response time and knowledge are fantastic … His willingness to go above and beyond the norm to get us a quote formats and pricing we need is greatly appreciated by our team in the New York Area. We hope that we will be able to win more deals in the future with his help.” – Nancy T., CBTS

Reach out to Trevor for your IT solutions:
Office: (941) 312-2479
4614 19th St. Ct. East, Bradenton, FL 34203

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