Meet the Team - Dan Villaveces

Posted by Lyndsie Ezell on Aug 26, 2021


Dan Villaveces celebrated 5 years at xByte Technologies this August. Dan was raised in Sarasota, FL, and still lives there today. Prior to working at xByte, Dan was in networking sales for a German telecom company. He brought his networking expertise and experience to xByte, where he built and manages our growing networking department. At xByte, Dan oversees all aspects of the networking department. He is relied upon for everything from ordering and managing our inventory to consulting customers on the best networking options for their IT infrastructure.

The people, both his co-workers and customers, are what Dan enjoys most about working at xByte. He loves the family atmosphere and supportive teams. When asked what he likes most about his role at xByte, he’ll tell you, “Working with our enterprise team to find the correct solutions for their clients.” 

Dan may be the hardest worker at xByte. You can send him an email at any time of the day and you will get a response within an hour. I don’t think he sleeps. He truly embodies the xByte spirit of being responsive to your customers (both internal and external).” Ryan Brown, xByte Technologies CEO

5 Things about Dan:

  • Dan is fluent in Spanish. Usted se puede poner en contacto con Daniel para cualquier pregunta sobre networking.
  • If Dan isn’t answering your email within an hour, he might be on the golf course. He is a self-proclaimed scratch golfer (this may or may not be true – accepting challengers).
  • Got Milk? Dan owns a dairy farm in his homeland, Colombia. He moooved to Sarasota when he was 10 years old.
  • Dan is right handed, but left footed. This is particularly important when playing football (soccer).
  • Speaking of football, Dan is a Liverpool FC fan. Kopite for life! 

Memorable customer story

A customer had originally ordered an N3048EP-ON switch from Dell that was needed in a critical infrastructure replacement. Dell had a parts shortage that was delaying the project. Dan was able to provide the customer with the quantity of N3048EP-ON switches that were needed and uplift the warranty to meet all the customer’s needs. The customer was not only able to complete the project on time, but ahead of schedule. They were so thankful and continue to buy switches and infrastructure from xByte to fulfill all their IT needs. 

I oversee the purchasing of all our networking equipment at our organization. We are not the largest company of around 70 staff members (and growing), but Dan always provides timely responses and advice when it comes to equipment purchases. This is something that I think many companies nowadays have lost when it comes to customer service. I very much appreciate the support and enjoy working with their team as a whole.” - Brett, Global Shipping Company 

Reach out to Dan if you have any questions about how xByte can help you or if you would like to join the team:

[email protected]

Office:(941) 306 - 1428
4614 19th St. Ct. East, Bradenton, FL 34203

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