Why Buy Dell Recertified?

70% of companies purchase recertified IT equipment. xByte provides one-stop technology solutions to clients all over the globe, helping them lower costs and maximize their business. At xByte, our goal is to help our clients find the best solution to run their business more efficiently – it’s that simple.

The Anatomy of a Dell Recertified Server & Parts from xByte


Request a quote, and an xByte Rep will get

back to you within an hour. We want you to be able to focus on your business, so we get

back to you as soon as possible.


Each server is fully customizable based

on your needs. An xByte Rep can help you

find a configuration that is best for you

and your business.


All items come with a 1 year minimum warranty,

and all Dell Recertified servers come with the

Dell Next Business Day Warranty, with an

option to upgrade to ProSupport.


We guarantee our clients the best quality. Each

part and server that comes through our door is

tested by a Dell Certified Technician. If it

doesn't meet our high quality standards,

it doesn't go on our shelf.


We stand behind the quality of our servers

and parts. If you are not satisfied for any reason,

you can send the item back within 14-days and

receive a complete refund. No questions asked,

and we'll pay shipping both ways!


Need software pre-loaded? No problem!

A Dell Certified Technician will configure,

test, upgrade the firmware and BIOS,

and will pre-load your software. Ask us

about our software partners!

Where does xByte get servers and parts?

Over the past two decades, xByte has forged partnerships and processes to procure only the highest quality enterprise-level hardware. A significant portion of our inventory has zero or very few hours of use. Some of our most common scenarios for inventory procurement that include Dell warranty are Dell over-stock bulk buys, proof of concept servers, customer canceled orders, and returns from wrong orders.


When IT hardware comes to xByte from Dell and is custom configured by

our team of certified technicians but is still supported by Dell Warranty,

it is labeled Dell Recertified. From Dell to the customer is considered new, but

Dell to xByte to the customer is considered Dell Recertified. Often with a recertified server, you receive the benefit of never-used equipment or little

use time at significant cost savings by taking advantage of the realities of

made-to-order manufacturing.

Best Practices of Reputable Resellers

Reputable resellers start with procuring recertified servers, storage, and parts from a high-quality source, such as Dell. There are several steps a reseller should take to ensure the equipment functions properly throughout its service life. When purchasing through xByte, we guarantee you're getting the highest quality hardware.


The Extra Mile


Perhaps it is obvious, but the purpose of the diligent effort implemented by a reseller is to ensure that the recertified servers, storage, or parts are equally as efficient as the equipment purchased from the direct wholesaler. xByte Technologies focuses heavily on customer satisfaction, so we go the extra mile in our Dell Recertified process.

Dell Certified Technicians

xByte Technologies makes sure our technicians are trained at the highest level. We use Dell Certified Technicians throughout the recertification process, starting with receiving equipment at the door, and continuing until products are packaged and shipped to clients. That not only guarantees that the techs servicing the servers, storage, and parts we sell have true expertise on the specific hardware they work on, but that they have a direct line to Dell support.


When help is needed, Dell is right there to provide it. When you choose a vendor, ask how their technicians are certified. If they haven't been trained by a reputable third party like Dell, walk away.

xByte updates all the firmware and BIOS to the most recent version

 We run diagnostics to ensure that the updates do not interfere with compatibility, and we do it all in a static-free environment.

When you puchase from xByte, you're guaranteed an updated product - reducing the time it takes to get your server up and running.


Our technicians ensure quality throughout the process, ranging from handling servers, storage and parts in a static free environment, to creating custom packaging that ensures xByte products arrive at their destination in the same condition they left the factory floor. An example would be our meticulous process for shipping memory. Each piece of memory is placed in an anti-static, fitted tray that results in a great presentation for our superior product, and the assurance that the memory will work exactly as intended.


xByte spent months developing a hard drive box that uses custom foam inserts. The inserts slide right into the box, providing the best possible fit, resulting in the best possible protection. The inserts ensure that the drives stand up to a rigorous drop test. xByte Technologies goes the extra mile to ensure that our quality of products are equivalent to those purchased directly from Dell. Customers can rely on our servers, storage and parts and feel confident while purchasing identical equipment at a friendlier price.


xByte Technologies has some of the best packaging in the business. We use double walled, made from heavy cardboard, and drop tested boxes. We ship boxes with inserts especially designed for small parts to ensure they arrive in the same condition they left the factory. xByte regularly tests their packaging to ensure a tight, safe fit during shipping for servers, storage and parts. When a customer opens an xByte box, they can be self-assured that their parts arrived safely.

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