About US

Our Mission

At xByte Technologies, our mission is to make every customer's experience so extraordinary that they will never forget it, they will tell their friends and colleagues, and will always come back.  Everything matters. The way we answer the phone, the way our emails read, the way we handle and pack our equipment, everything...communication matters most. Do not ever leave a customer feeling like we are being unresponsive or leaving them in the dark! How our customers perceive us is what really counts.

Our Culture

"Over 20 years ago, I started xByte Technologies to provide high quality IT equipment with first-class customer service. As a former IT Director, I found 'service' was the thing truly missing in the sales world. I wanted to treat customers how I expected to be treated. Humans should answer the phone, not a computer or voicemail. Knowledgeable responses in 15 minutes, not hours or days. An RMA process that is simple, easy, and fair to the customer. We have grown over the years, but our commitment to that high level of service has remained. Many of the early customers are still with us today. They have experienced the xByte Difference and have become customers for life."

- Tom Santilli, Founder

Our Facilities

All our servers and parts are stored in our climate controlled 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse, located in Bradenton, FL. At xByte Technologies, we have millions of dollars of Dell inventory and genuine OEM hardware IN STOCK and ready for immediate shipment. Don’t push back projects because of long lead times and delays. Contact us by 3pm Eastern, and we can get your order to you as quickly as the next business day. If we do not have something in stock that you need, we typically can still find it for you quickly.

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