Meet the Team - Ernesto Sanchez

Posted by Lyndsie Ezell on Apr 07, 2021


As a native Mexican, Ernesto moved to Florida at the age of 4, joining the Bradenton community at an early age. With an interest in technology, experience, and training in the industry, xByte Technologies was an ideal fit for Ernesto.

Prior to joining the xByte Team, Ernesto already had a great connection to the company. Ernesto had worked with xByte’s current Director of Sales, Andrew Ripley, at a previous company and had heard about an open sales position from him. Through this connection, Ernesto received insight on the company culture and the vast opportunity for growth. In 2014, Ernesto joined the team as a Sales Associate. His tenacity to help customers find the right IT solution and his aptitude for learning and growth quickly lead to his promotion to Enterprise Representative that same year. Ernesto prides himself on doing research, leaving no stone unturned to provide the best solution possible for his customers, while embracing one of his favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama: “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” For Ernesto, searching for the correct solution gives him purpose, and not only helps his customers, but also gives him opportunities to enhance his knowledge and improve upon the company’s processes.

“I had a very old server that had a failed hard drive, and I was desperate to find a replacement (which was very difficult to find). I found the xByte website, called, and it was Ernesto who answered. He not only helped me find a replacement drive, but got it shipped overnight to my house! I was able to bring the server back up and everything was great! Since then, I have been working with Ernesto for all types of equipment, mostly servers, but also networking equipment, licensing, SmartNet, etc… He is always very helpful, responsive, and is always very professional! I love working with Ernesto and plan to continue working with him/xByte for years to come! Excellent service and value. " – O.N.

5 things about Ernesto:

  • As a father of two, he enjoys playing soccer with his kids, and performing “A Whole New World” with his daughter in the kitchen.
  • When he is not rocking it out with his kids in the kitchen, Ernesto enjoys smoking his own meats, and flavoring them with his homemade BBQ sauce.
  • Ernesto is always looking to challenge himself; his next big project is to open his own restaurant and bar on the side.
  • Ernesto is a big Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and is still basking in their 2nd Super Bowl win. He is looking forward to seeing some live games in the fall and potentially a consecutive Super Bowl win in 2022.
  • If Ernesto were to describe himself as a server, it would be an R740xd2. It has 24 3.5” bays for lots of storage. So just like Ernesto, the R740xd2 has plenty of space to store data learned from researching material, new training, and personal experiences that can later be instrumental to the projects he collaborates on with his customers.

Memorable customer story

One of Ernesto’s customers, a real estate listing company, had racks full of servers and storage arrays. Ernesto suggested Dell’s M1000e blade for their IT environment, so they could bring compute, storage, and networking all into a single 10U chassis. With the expertise of our exceptional engineers, Ernesto and the team were able to spec out a solution that provided the customer the ability to scale out as they grow, consolidate their data center footprint to a single server rack, and helped bring their data center operating costs down immensely. Ernesto was able to create a solution that not only helped solve future problems, but also helped with stretching the customer’s IT budget for more IT equipment.

With great people like Ernesto on the xByte Team, it is not surprising why xByte can pride themselves on high quality customer service, making sure every interaction with customers is a great one!

“We love working with Ernesto. He is extremely knowledgeable about the networking, servers, and storage arrays that we purchase from xByte. Once, when we were in a crunch with a client, we purchased approx. 9 Dell POE Network Switches, and Ernesto was able to arrange same day delivery. He made us look like rock stars in front of a new customer which we ultimately onboarded as a Managed Services customer.” – J.J.

Reach out to Ernesto for your IT solution by:

[email protected]
Office:(941) 312-7902
4614 19th St. Ct. East, Bradenton, FL 34203

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