1. Meet the Team - Chris Richardson

    Meet the Team - Chris Richardson

    Meet the Team - Chris Richardson Enterprise Sales Rep - From Winterhaven, Chris Richardson is a Floridian through and through. Chris has been working for xByte Technologies for over 5 years with experience on both the broker team and enterprise sales team.

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  2. Introducing Dell EMC PowerStore

    Introducing Dell EMC PowerStore

    Dell EMC recently introduced its new storage array line called PowerStore. Since Dell’s acquisition of EMC in 2015, it is fair to say there has been some confusion and admitted overlap surrounding their combined storage portfolios. In addition to discussing this amazing new storage system, we will clean up and position Dell EMC’s storage portfolio moving forward.

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  3. Surveying the VDI Landscape

    Surveying the VDI Landscape

    Virtual Desktop  Infrastructure (VDI) is seeing a strong resurgence as companies re-evaluate how  employees work post-COVID-19. In this post, we will discuss the highlights,  pros, and cons of most popular VDI platforms and solutions.

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  4. Solutions for Remote Worker Enablement

    Solutions for Remote Worker Enablement

    Recently, most of us have been broadsided by the affects of COVID-19. For most, it has made remote work enablement the top priority. Remote worker enablement can bring a whole host of challenges, especially for first timers or business that must consider compliance issues.

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  5. Backup & Disaster Recovery Best Practices

    Backup & Disaster Recovery Best Practices

    Backup, Replication, and Disaster Recovery (DR) have drastically changed, but the fundamental best practices remain the same.

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  6. Data Protection by Dell EMC

    Data Protection by Dell EMC

    In the backup space, many of you only know Dell for their higher end Data Domain appliances.  In mid-2019 Dell EMC announced a completely overhauled Data Protection Solutions product portfolio, the result of years of work and huge capital investments. 

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  7. Tips and Tools for Sizing vSAN Clusters

    Tips and Tools for Sizing vSAN Clusters

    VMware vSAN is a big departure from traditional 3 tier server/network/storage architecture. In this post we will give you some helpful advice on sizing a vSAN cluster.

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  8. When HCI is the WRONG choice

    When HCI is the WRONG choice

    Right now, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure aka HCI is all the rage. Like many new solutions that rapidly gain popularity the hype can often overshadow whether the solution is truly right for your specific requirements.

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  9. End of Life Coming for Windows Server 2008

    End of Life Coming for Windows Server 2008

    On January 14th, 2020 Extended Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 and Windows 7 will cease! What does this mean? End of support refers to the date when Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance.

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  10. Mean Time Between Failures

    Mean Time Between Failures

    There are acronyms for everything now days. It can be even more confusing and complex in the technology industry, especially when it comes to enterprise hardware. Hard drives alone have dozens of acronyms. Drives are classified by type HDD, SSD, SAS and SATA. Within the types of drives, the performance and endurance have acronyms too. Lost you yet? Here’s a breakdown on some of those acronyms related to drive failures, what they mean, how they’re calculated, and how you can use them.

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