Dell Hardware for Local Storage Solutions

Posted by Tyler Young, xByte Solutions Architect on Oct 31, 2023

Dell Local Storage Hardware Solutions

In our local storage architecture overview, we discussed IT environments that are best suited for a local storage solution. Fast performance, cost-effectiveness, reduced latency, and ease of setup make local onsite storage a popular solution among Dell’s storage portfolio options.

Dell PowerVault

Dell PowerVault MD Series

The Dell PowerVault MD line of DAS (direct-attached storage) is designed to meet your storage density and performance requirements. PowerVault MD is a simple and cost effective 12Gb SAS connectivity DAS solution to pair with the latest PowerEdge servers.

PowerVault MD1400: Maximum density DAS platform with SAS and NL-SAS 7.2k HDD perfect for data archival, video surveillance, or other general-purpose workloads.

PowerVault MD1420: HCI storage typically includes data redundancy features such as mirroring or erasure coding to ensure data availability even in the case of hardware failures. This high availability is a key feature of HCI solutions.

PowerVault MD2412/MD2424/MD2460: For users looking to get additional bandwidth out of a DAS, Dell’s suite of next generation JBODs supports 24Gb speeds on both the front and back-end, providing double the bandwidth compared to MD14xx arrays. The last 2 digits in Dell’s nomenclature for these 3 arrays indicate the number of drive bays capable of being populated (i.e., MD2412 supports 12 drives per array).

PowerVault ME484The PowerVault ME484 expansion enclosure can not only be added to a PowerVault ME SAN, but it can also be used as a standalone JBOD when paired with a compatible PowerEdge server to provide up to 84x 2.5” or 3.5” hard drives.

Dell PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdge Servers

The Dell PowerEdge platform offers a vast range of flexibility and choice of configurations to match any workload need. Potential configurations range from entry level platforms such as the PowerEdge R2x0 series with SAS or SATA HDD/SSD all the way to the top-of-the-line PowerEdge R7x0 series paired with PCIe NVMe for ultimate storage performance.

PowerEdge R740xd2Density optimized, 2U server, that can hold up to 26x 3.5” HDD. Designed for data-intensive workloads, video surveillance, and media streaming.

PowerEdge R750The R750 can be configured in a chassis to support only 3.5” HDD, a mix of 3.5” HDD and 2.5” SAS/SATA SSD, a mix of SATA/SATA + NVMe, or even up to 24x PCIe NVMe (optional NVMe hardware RAID) for maximum performance.

PowerEdge XE7100The XE7100 delivers outstanding scalability and density with either 1 or 2 dual socket nodes to support up to 100x SATA/SAS hard drives, 20x of which can be MU or RI SSD.

There are a wide range of local storage configuration possibilities in  Dell Technologies’ storage portfolio to satisfy any requirement. At xByte Technologies, we have Dell certified Solution Architects that have expert knowledge of storage solutions and can help you determine what solution best meets your needs. To schedule a call with a storage expert, contact [email protected] or call 888-929-8348.