Understanding End of Life and When ServAssist Can Help

Posted by Apryl Reeser, xByte Warranty Manager on May 11, 2023

Understanding End of Life and When ServAssist Can Help

Just because your OEM warranty has reached End of Life (EOL) doesn’t mean your hardware is ready to be retired.

But what is EOL?

Below are the terms that describe the stages your hardware goes through from being active to reaching its End of Service Life.

Active: The outlined product is supported, under active development, and can be further updated.

End of Life: All contracts for this hardware have elapsed, hardware is no longer sold, development has ended, hardware updates are no longer posted, and this product is unsupported. At this point, consider moving the hardware to ServAssist.

End of Sale: Sales of hardware are restricted or have publicly ended. Customers with hardware contracts are still eligible for manufacturer warranty, receive IOS maintenance updates, and bug fixes.

End of New Service: It is no longer possible to put the hardware under a new OEM Service Contract. You should consider moving to ServAssist to prevent a lapse in coverage.

End of Maintenance: Hardware is no longer sold, and development of the product is no longer being maintained.

End of Software Maintenance Releases: The manufacturer stops issuing additional IOS updates for the hardware. Placing your hardware under ServAssist extends the life of your hardware with third-party support.

End of Contract Renewal: Hardware is no longer eligible for any manufacturer maintenance packages; however, ServAssist is available to continue support at lower costs than a full refresh.

Last Date and End of Standard Support: The OEM stops all support for the hardware, making it obsolete in their view. With ServAssist, you can extend support until you are ready for a refresh and can continue to keep all products supported with TPM as part of your overall Hybrid Maintenance Strategy.

End of Service Life: OEM stops all support for the product, making it obsolete.

Once all these stages have been reached, the hardware is considered EOL. With ServAssist, you can extend the lifecycle of your hardware past that OEM warranty, maximizing the value of your hardware without disruption.

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