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We understand the commitment and investment made with IT infrastructure.  We also understand that just because the OEM warranty is up doesn’t mean that investment should be decommissioned or replaced. xByte ServAssist offers third party maintenance to help you save money and extend the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure and investment. xByte ServAssist can ensure you receive the support you need for as long as you need with affordable and flexible maintenance options, all within one management portal.

ServAssist – IT Maintenance Made Easy 

Flexible & Convenient Solutions

for managing and safeguarding

IT assets are available, some with

24-hour protection.  

Expert Level 3 & 4 Engineers

along with advanced technology

provide prompt responses to tickets

to keep you up and running.

Large Stock of Replacement

Parts Inventory strategically located

to ensure quick turn around and

further reduce downtime.  

Offering Standard & Customizable

Service Level Agreements and can

co-term your assets for lifecycle

assessment and management.

Asset Management Portal

for simplified management of

renewal dates, contracts and

ticket submissions.

Major OEMs Supported

including Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo,

Juniper, Cisco. Other IT

infrastructure support also available.

What ServAssist Warranty Can Do For You 

Just because your OEM warranty has reached EOL (End of Life) doesn’t mean that your hardware is ready to be retired. With ServAssist you can extend the lifecycle of your hardware past that OEM warranty, maximizing the value of your hardware without disruption.

ServAssist Warranty Options

xByte Limited
ServAssist 9 x 5 Help Desk
& NBD Parts Onsite
ServAssist 24/7 Help Desk
& 4hr Parts Onsite
Advance Replacement RMA for Parts
No Cost for Product Return
Technical Support for Purchased Product
100% Money Back Guarantee
Flexible Contract Term
Flexible Contract Start Date
Replacement Parts Sent with No Return Requirement
Support Ticket Submissions Through Website
Direct Access to Help Desk (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm)
Direct Access to Help Desk 24/7
Software Support ✔* ✔*
Support Ticket Opened Within Minutes

*These options are quoted and billed on a Time & Materials basis with an hourly rate. Contact your Sales Representative for more information.

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Warranty Management with ServAssist 

Available for both desktop and mobile, the xByte ServAssist portal keeps all of your contracts in one place allowing you to manage visibility and stay informed on when contracts are up for renewal, avoiding any lapse in coverage. You can also manage assets in production by warranty, location and get details reporting on specific criteria. Additionally, you can view and manage tickets with reporting and automatic updates sent via email.

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