Dell N3048EP-ON

  • Dell Networking N3048EP-ON Switch

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Dell EMC N series is a family of energy-efficient, cost-effective 1GbE, 2.5GbE, 5GbE and 10GbE Open Networking switches designed for modernizing and scaling campus networks.


Just like the N3048P but Better

The well-known N3048P switch is being phased out by Dell and has been replaced by an even better version, the N3048EP-ON. With the new Dell N3048EP-ON switch, you get the same 48 ports, same PoE+, same 1100W power supplies, same Dell DNOS6 operating system, and the same N3000 series stacking capabilities as the N3048P. Whereas the N3048P is now only available as a refurbished switch with a limited warranty, the N3048EP-ON, comes new in box, with a Dell ProSupport/Next Business Day Warranty, and even more features and power than the N3048P. The new N3048EP-ON comes with 12 ports that can go to 60W, 2GB memory, and 1GB flash. For nearly the same price as a refurbished limited warranty N3048P, you can get a more powerful, new in box, Dell Warranty covered N3048EP-ON.