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xByte is by far the easiest tech company I have dealt with in years. Our sales rep Christian Dean was very easy to work with. Definitely my go to for all my Dell purchases. - Carl Palmer
The people at xByte are on top of their game! They knew the product line as well as any Dell sales agent and their turn around from quote to delivery is is the pricing! - B.E
I always have a good experience using xbyte. Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Fast shipping and easy ordering. - Z.H.
xByte Technologies is an awesome company. Over the years I have come to rely on their expertise and services when shopping for hardware to expand my virtual environment. xByte has proven to be reliable, knowledgeable, and I recommend them to associates frequently. - N.E.
Received the server a day early! Hypervisor installed and everything up and running in just a couple hours. Great service, solid hardware and better than expected pricing. I'll be coming back again for sure. Thanks Mike Rigo for helping make this a great experience! - R.Carrell
Response time in xByte is better that the manufacturers. I very satisfied with service, shipping and cost. - J.Cetina
xByte did a great job for us on providing necessary servers and equipment for our Microsoft Ignite Expo demonstration. The task was challenging since we've had to go far beyond the standard DELL configuration and arm the servers with additional complex equipment to be able to plug in some hardware engineering samples. Todd Kisida, Don Hock, and Ryan Brown did an amazing job and we all here at StarWind very appreciate this. All the equipment was shipped perfectly in time and we hope we will have a lot of success on MS Ignite thank to you too, guys! Thanks a lot! - tshved-8685
xByte is the go to for Dell hardware, both new and pre-owned. They are great guys who know what they are doing and I have found them to be flexible and easy to work with. A+ - A.Kerchoff
We love xByte. Your team is great and Zeb is the best sales rep! Everyone we have worked with is extremely knowledgeable and professional. You ship the parts fast and everything has always been top quality. - Brittany Rodota
We've been doing business with XByte technologies for years, their customer service is top notch, and they always get us what we need fast. Our account representative is always just a phone call away and he's great about keeping us updated on that status of our orders. - Cody
I have used xByte for server fulfillment at 3 different companies in the last 6 years. I loved Xbyte as a tech and system admin for all their customization options, and now I love them as an IT director for their pricing, shipping, service, and terms. - J.Weasle
We've been using Xbyte for IT supplies for over a year by this point and they are consistently priced well and they have great customer service. If we ever have issues we can get in contact with someone that same day and will usually have a fix ready and sent by the end of that day. We don't usually have any issues, but if there ever is one it is very beneficial to have someone you can ask for help instead of having to do it on your own. Great consistent service! - Eric J. Miner
I've been purchasing from xByte for several years now, and have always had a great experience. I've been able to provide more storage for less money than purchasing new, and have even gotten a reputation for always finding awesome deals on our servers. The equipment has always been in great condition. Dealing with them is great as well - unlike many stores, it's always fun talking to them, and the options they come up with are great and aren't way out of budget. And if that's not enough, shipping is always quick as well, and I usually get a follow-up call checking on how my install went. Thanks! - bdoe-21510
I love having xByte as a resource to quickly identify and purchase equipment for our dell work environment. The site is responsive and intuitive. I'm able to find what I'm looking for quickly so I can focus on other aspects of my work. - E.Cook
A quick e-mail to xByte was all it took to start solving my needs. Mike Rigo sent me an e-mail with a very reasonable price for an upgrade I was previously told was not possible. Had a great one-on-one telephone chat with him who talked about my current and future needs. Ultimately, I'm super impressed and will have to be on xByte's doorstep for my next order. These guys are awesome. - PhYrE-88893
From the time I began chatting with Zeb about the upcoming project I was working on, to the time my order shipped, his service was outstanding! He even gave me a personal call, letting me know that my order had shipped, and asking if there was anything else he could do for me. I will definitely be a repeat customer. xByte's pricing/selection/customization options, and Zeb's service are all reasons I will return. Thanks, Zeb! - synergy.geeks
From the beginning I was helped every bit of the way Ernesto and he made certain that any and all of my server needs were covered! He answered all my questions, adjusted my build to what it needed to be, and was very patient while my company was deciding on purchasing. Can't forget we saved thousands using xByte! - Qualtech Technologies
I was moving a vital filing application to a new server and realized that I did not have enough drives to complete the task. I contacted XByte and they were able to look up the information for the server and get me the drive immediately! Thanks for the prompt service. - T.Stamper
Made a mistake on placing my first order. xByte staff couldn't have been better helping me sort things out! - Jack Srebnik
As an IT professional I can not stress the importance of having a team like xByte Technologies behind you. I have been doing business with this company for 6 years, and never had a bad experience. - R.V.
I worked with Brad specifically. He was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be using xByte in the future. My experience was fantastic all around. Couldn't recommend it more. - Ian Moran
I've been using Xbyte for years, and I can't think of a better resource for Dell servers in the FL area. Great customer service. I would do business with Tim Powers on every deal if I could. - Jon Whorn
This was my first experience with xByte. My previous supplier was too busy selling on Amazon so I had to find someone new to buy from. Luck had it that I discovered xByte and am I ever glad I did. They were extremely helpful, completely professional, and efficient. They even fixed a mistake I made in my configuration, for which they didn't charge me! I have never heard of such a thing before. Shipping was fast, communication was good and I am a happy customer. If you need a good team to work with on your server requirement, I can't imagine any supplier doing better than these guys. Give them a try, you won't be sorry. - D.Wade
I've used xByte in previous years and they never fail to impress me with their level of service and quality of products. Highly recommended! - I.Galbraith
I have purchased a Dell storage enclosure, disks, and server CPUs from xByte over the past few months. Each time I was dealt with in a courteous and professional manner. The products I purchased were in great condition considering they are refurbished and I have not had a single problem with any of them. With xByte around it seems foolish to buy brand new. - A.V.Tiuk
Its a pleasure for me to write this review because we are so satisfied with xByte! We are located in Bulgaria and we needed a server in NY colo. xByte not only assisted us perfectly to choose the best server but they also ordered custom NICs for us which they don't sell and installed them. Then they sent the server to NY and all that was done remotely with their help. Its such a happiness to find a firm located on the other side of the world, which helps clients so much and makes distance not an issue. Not just this but their proposal was the best on the market. We contacted 4 firms in total. Thank you xByte! - I.Lipaskale
I've bought probably a dozen servers through xByte over the past few years. The pricing on used gear is incredible compared to other re-sellers, and we've had very few problems. To me, the service is where it counts. One of our boxes started complaining about a failing ECC Module, so I shot a quick email off to my xByte contact with a screenshot. Ten minutes later, a replacement memory module was shipping overnight. Can't be beat. - netman86
I've used xByte in previous years and they never fail to impress me with their level of service and quality of products. Highly recommended! - I.Galbraith
Had an urgent need for a specific power supply that was on back order with the vendor. They had it on hand and saved the day. - Drew
They went above and beyond to make sure our order was processed quickly and to be sure our order went out quickly so we could receive it in time for an expedited job we were taking on. - iCorp
xByte expeditiously worked with us to identify the appropriate product and, since this was our initial interaction, establish a purchasing relationship. xByte staff were conscientious, capable, and attentive throughout the entire process. - SoloIT
These guys are totally amazing to work with. I have worked with hundreds of venders in 16 years as a network admin and these xByte guys blew them all away. Ordering made simple, the way it should be! Many future orders to come! - A.Williams
XByte has top notch customer service and support. Highly recommend them for all your server and data storage needs. - Q.D.
Whenever we have a need with our servers I call xByte because they have prompt customer service handled by real people with can understand me and help resolve my issues. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a server parts partner. - W.R.
xByte has helped us in the past when we had an extremely disastrous issue. They were incredibly helpful and responded to us immediately! With their help we were able to be up and running again very quickly! The order we just put in was delivered the next day perfectly. Thank you xByte! - Medig
Ernesto worked hard to meet my requirements on the parts and server specs. We went through 4 different iterations of the quote before an order was placed. I was surprised on the quick shipping as well, the server was not supposed to ship till next week. Overall the prices are on par with others and the service is good. - SaffronDragonfly-49233
Ive ordered several networking items from Xbyte and look forward to working with them when the servers need upgrading. Sales people have never been too pushy but always helpful and they support our church IT network group, which is a bonus. - geekmansam
Found your site because I needed a specific Dell drive. Placed the order as a guest, because I did not plan to buy anything else. Then I worked with Ernesto Sanchez on updating my shipping method. He provided such great customer service, that I ended up setting up an account and will be using your company for my future orders. In a day when customer service is not taken seriously, Ernesto showed that it is still alive in certain companies. Thank you. - starr87
xByte is always quick and accurate. Thank you for the excellent service. - A.Grey
They had what I needed and the price was right. Shipping was fast as well. Support staff there was great. Will be doing business with them again. - LinenBarnacle
We have worked with xByte for years. The service is consistently excellent and the prices are equal to or, more generally, lower than those from other suppliers. The technical advice on best fit hardware given a description of the explanation is outstanding. They do not try to sell us cutting edge hardware when current, but not new, hardware will meet our customer's needs at a fraction of the price. - D. Howe
This was my first time to purchase refurbished servers, so I had several concerns, including product condition, cost, support, and customer service. I started my Evernote note to put together my system requirements and vendor selection criteria. I contacted six different resellers, including some companies I had done business with in the past, but ultimately chose xByte for the two servers I was looking for. Ernesto Sanchez contacted me the day after I completed the online quote request. Some of my requirements were very specific, so Ernesto worked with me over the next several days through several configuration changes. He was very patient and responsive throughout this process. At my request, Ernesto provided photos of the servers and when I pointed out several concerns, Ernesto addressed each and every item to my satisfaction. When the servers arrived, I was very pleased with the condition and found the specs to be exactly what I had requested. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my experience with xByte and Ernesto. When a need for like this comes up again, I will definitely reach out to xByte again. - hmart999
I was able to quickly find the server I needed, configure it, and place the order. It arrived on time. The entire process was simple and easy with no hassle. - D. Lowry
I've always had a wonderful experience with xByte. The team is very quick to respond and always works their hardest to put together the needed configurations for me. The give me options on how to cut costs, they work with my timeframes and budgets that are set with by the customer and they are wizards at dropping that value prop to uncertain potential buyers. I have beat out manufacturers with registration on deals through xByte. Great service. Great team. Great company. - Drew Schulte
XByte, is a great place to order from, I've been ordering servers for about 10 years now. Their customer service is second to none. That's the main reason I go to them. The prices are great too! I have all ways had an great experience with them. - D.Brashear
Fantastic customer service all around, status updates, the whole process! - S.Schmunk
A friend told me about xByte and so I checked them out. Got a network switch for about half the price as new. Shipped fast also. Looking forward to buying from xByte in the future. - Josh Boone
We previously did all our own custom builds for servers - which is fun and cost-effective but poorly leveraged in terms of time and the customer ends up with a server that WE have to warranty. We were referred to xByte through a colleague and .. honestly we get everything through them now. Our Account Rep is super responsive, the technical assist team knows what's up, and without even pushing we can consistently get a custom order set and delivered inside a week. Our latest build was a $21k ESXi hypervisor - xByte had good prices on our 18x SSD setup, coordinated with our VMWare account for the necessary licenses, the whole nine yards. But one of the best things is that these puppies are covered by official dell warranties - so we (and the customer) are saving a ton and still are covered by the comfortable safety net of a Dell 4-hr and/or NBD SLA! - blacktoothx
My purchase process went very smooth with great support from my account representative. Thank you! - DarkOrangePtarmigan-17433
I've been doing business with Xbyte for almost a decade, and they are consistent, easy to work with, and always helpful. They are my go-to guys whenever I need Dell product. Highly recommended! - J.Horn
I was looking for a server but didn't know where to start. Thinking I had to go older to save money, they got me an even better/newer server for cheaper than others. They sure do know their stuff. I would buy from them again and again, AND I HAVE! - F.G.
It's a pleasure for me to write this review because we are so satisfied with xByte! We are located in Bulgaria and we needed a server in NY colo. xByte not only assisted us perfectly to choose the best server but they also ordered custom NICs for us which they don't sell and installed them. Then they sent the server to NY and all that was done remotely with their help. Its such a happiness to find a firm located on the other side of the world, which helps clients so much and makes distance not an issue. Not just this but their proposal was the best on the market. We contacted 4 firms in total. Thank you xByte! - Ilip Paskalev
Very appreciative of our relationship with xByte. Working with Josh has been great. He is always quick to respond. Most of our orders require custom specs and the turn around time is great. Looking forward to doing more business with xByte in the future. - Dylan Billmaier