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In these unprecedented and unpredictable times, xByte is doing all we can to help our customers. We understand that you might need hardware now or want to prepare for the economy bouncing back, but are a little uncertain about the next 3-6 months. Through xByte Capital, we are offering those who qualify a deferred lease option of no payments for 120 days and we will reimburse you for 2 of your first 4 scheduled payments.  We want small businesses to be operating at full strength when we are all back to work and not waiting in a long line for the hardware they need.

Contact us at (888) 929-8348 or reach out to your xByte Rep today for more details.

xByte Financing:

  • Deferred lease payment for 120 days
  • Valid for 36, 48, or 60 month leases
  • xByte reimbursement for 2 of the first 4 scheduled payments

Example Payment Schedule

36 Month Example
1-4 = Deferred
5 = Customer Payment
6 = xByte sends check for payment
7 = Customer Payment
8 = xByte sends check for payment
9-40 = Customer Payments

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