The Meraki MV22 series, part of the MV smart camera family, brings physical security and advanced analytics together in a dome form factor suitable for a variety of deployments. The built-in powerful processor and innovative edge architecture minimize physical infrastructure and software requirements.


Ensure physical safety and security while providing business intelligence. Product Highlights Include:

  • Varifocal lens, dome camera with 36-112° horizontal FoV
  • Intelligent motion indexing with search engine
  • Built-in motion analytics like Motion Search, Motion Recap, and Motion Heatmaps
  • In-camera machine learning capability for intelligent object detection
  • No special software or browser plugins required
  • Cloud-augmented edge storage minimizes physical infrastructure
  • Meraki dashboard simplifies operation
  • Secure, encrypted control architecture and storage
  • Secure boot and signed firmware backed by hardware security chip
  • Granular user access controls
  • Integrated 802.11ac wireless for easy upgrades from analog
  • IR illumination up to 30m or 98ft
  • Suitable for deployments of all sizes, 1-10,000+ cameras