xByte buys 1,000s of PowerEdge Servers directly from Dell, full of Memory. You can be 100% certain, Memory upgrades from xByte Technologies are not just ‘compatible’, they are the same EXACT, ORIGINAL, Memory modules that come from Dell in their PowerEdge Servers.

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Double the Warranty

Covered under your existing Dell PowerEdge Warranty
Memory purchased from xByte Technologies may be eligible for Dell Warranty coverage based on your servers’ warranty terms with Dell. Service Tags must be provided for warranty and server compatibility verification.

Memory DIMM Types

With more memory, the faster that data and instructions can be read, written and performed.
There are three types of memory DIMMS for servers. These DIMM types cannot be mixed in a single system; you must select the type of DIMM appropriate for your workload at the time of purchase.


An Unbuffered, low density, low-latency DIMM that does not include a register or buffer chip. UDIMMs are generally used in applications requiring the lowest latency.


A Registered DIMM that provides high signal integrity - performing parity checking to detect improper addresses or commands - and increased performance for heavy workloads.


Uses a buffer to reduce memory loading to a single load on all DDR signals, allowing for greater density.

Memory Tests


Powered stress testing (i.e. increased temperature) to remove weak components


Memory vendor-specific diagnostic tests performed at DRAM  level to ensure functionality


Memory vendor-specific diagnostic tests performed at DIMM level to ensure functionality

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of hardware that your computer uses to store information. Adding memory is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve performance.

*Memory offered now may differ in speed from the original system memory but has been qualified to work in the system. When mixed, the memory will perform at the lowest speed populated or the highest speed allowed by the system.

Memory Selector

Dell™ Memory offered in the Memory Selector has gone through rigorous quality assurance and quality control testing to ensure it will work with your specific Dell System so it is fully compatible. Getting unqualified or generic products from other vendors can cause downtime that can seriously cost your business and put your entire system at risk. xByte Technologies only sells Original Dell Memory and is covered by Dell’s Warranty.

Tested and Verified Tier-1
OEM Grade Parts

Ensure compatibility with Dell EMC servers, storage, and networking; Minimize the downtime unqualified parts can cause

Ease of

Save time with Dell EMC Upgrades that are shipped as kits with the necessary hardware and firmware

Secure Supply
Chain Focus

Protect system data and integrity with parts sourced from secure sources

Dell Tech Support
and Warranties

Preserve Dell EMC technical support and warranties - which do not support systems with third-party upgrades