Hard Drives & SSDs

Dell Branded Hard Drives & SSDs have gone through rigorous quality assurance and quality control testing to ensure it will work with your specific Dell system.

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Double the Warranty

Covered under your existing Dell PowerEdge Warranty
Drives purchased from xByte Technologies may be eligible for Dell Warranty coverage based on your servers’ warranty terms with Dell. Service Tags must be provided for warranty and server compatibility verification.

Solid State Drives vs. Hard Disk Drives

Storage is your PC's long-term memory. It's where your files, programs, games and all kinds of content will be saved so you can access them later whenever you want. Today there are two forms of storage: HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD. Dell also offers the option of a hybrid model, where part of the storage is made by SSD and the other part by regular HDD.

Solid State Drives

Excel in speed, high performance, Input/Output requirements; High reliability due to lack of spinning disks; Go through a rigorous validation process before they are ever considered as additions to the PowerEdge server portfolio.

Hard Disk Drives

Best when used as part of a complete storage strategy that balances cost per GB, capacity, application needs and performance; Lower price-to-capacity, which can be most beneficial for large-capacity workloads or applications requiring large amounts of storage.

Storage Drive Types


Fast storage for random IO

10K & 15K SAS HDDs

Performance and availability for performance optimized applications


High capacity and exceptional $/GB for capacity optimized applications

Entry Drives

Drives used in applications where low usage and limited total number of drives are applicable

Why Choose Dell Drives

Dell hard and solid state drives are robust, built by premium manufacturing processes and rigorously tested for maximum reliability.
The manufacture of their drives’ firmware and hardware subcomponents is specified and controlled to ensure compatibility and to add additional capability to
reduce the costs of maintenance. Drive reliability is frequently higher than the reliability of other drive suppliers.

Tested and Verified Tier-1
OEM Grade Parts

Ensure compatibility with Dell EMC servers, storage, and networking; Minimize the downtime unqualified parts can cause

Ease of

Save time with Dell EMC Upgrades that are shipped as kits with the necessary hardware and firmware

Secure Supply
Chain Focus

Protect system data and integrity with parts sourced from secure sources

Dell Tech Support
and Warranties

Preserve Dell EMC technical support and warranties - which do not support systems with third-party upgrades