Meet the Team - Mike Halligan

Posted by Lyndsie Ezell on Jan 05, 2022


Mike Halligan was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and attended UMass Boston. Trading the cold winters and snow for OC beaches, Mike moved to Dana Point in Southern California where he worked for an electronics distribution company. After 17 years in SoCal, Mike’s journey brought him to the west coast of Florida, where he researched the industry and found xByte Technologies. Over eight years ago, he brought his distribution experience to xByte as a Lead Receiving Technician. In 2020, Mike was promoted to Warehouse Manager and is responsible for all warehouse operations.

When asked what he loves most about xByte and his position, he replied, “The people at xByte and making a positive difference in both the customers’ experience and our own employees’ experience. The xByte family atmosphere and customer first approach has made coming to work and going the extra mile a pleasure! I like to promote a team first approach to work. We are all much stronger and happier working together as a team rather than as individuals. That has always been my approach to everything in life. Go Patriots!!!”

“Mike is always willing to help everyone and goes way above and beyond his assigned job responsibilities. He’s the guy would drive an hour to help you change a flat tire on the weekend in the rain!” xByte Technologies Co-worker

5 Things About Mike:

  • Mike is family friends with former owners of the New England Patriots #ForeverNE
  • While most were jamming to Dark Side of the Moon, Mike actually jammed with a member of Pink Floyd
  • A skill acquired from growing up in New England, Mike is a snow skier
  • Now living on the gulf coast, Mike is an avid boater
  • If Mike could be any Dell enterprise level hardware, he would be the CPU because he likes to help everyone

Memorable customer story

With the transportation industry understaffed, deliveries have been less reliable. A customer needed a product that was stuck at a transportation hub. We were able to turn around a new build and have it couriered to the customer all in the same day.

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