An Introduction to iDRAC | xByte OnPrem Pros

In this episode of OnPrem Pros, xByte Solution Architect, Tyler Young, and xByte Solutions CMO, Ryan Brown, give an introduction to Dell’s Dell Remote Access Controller 9 and discuss their top 5 features.

The Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 9 (iDRAC9) delivers extensive, built-in management for the PowerEdge family of servers. It offers automation capabilities that support organizational growth and security features that guarantee peace of mind. As a vital component of the OpenManage portfolio, iDRAC9 enables users to create a customized management solution tailored to their needs, ensuring optimal server management.

iDRAC Versions:

  • Basic
  • Express
  • Enterprise
  • Datacenter

Top 5 Features:

  1. Zero Touch Auto Config – automatically configuring multiple similar servers
  2. Security – detecting invalid BIOS and preventing config and firmware changes
  3. Built-in Integrations with virtualization platforms
  4. Monitoring – dashboard and policy driven automations
  5. Remote management - server monitoring, virtual console, edit BIOS

Helpful Links:
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