Enabling Remote Work with Citrix | Webinar

View this Citrix virtual event to learn why Citrix is an industry leader in delivering virtual applications and desktops, enabling remote work, and adding enterprise-level security to your business.

Make sure your users have access to their desktop, applications, and files from any device, anytime, anywhere.

In this virtual event, we will focus on:

  • Delivering Virtual Applications & Desktops within a single pane of glass through the Citrix Workspace
  • Reducing your cost of public cloud consumption by enabling a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
  • Utilizing Citrix's networking solutions to expand on end-user security, analytics, and performance
  • Consolidated management of environments (Cloud, On-prem, Hybrid) through the Citrix Cloud Admin Console (Short Demo)
  • Incorporating collaboration tools and workflows from Citrix to simplify and secure remote work ability

Expert Panelist:
Juan Arias, Citrix Technical Analyst