xByte Capital

Flexible Financing

We cater to your specific financial needs and believe in eliminating large up-front costs by offering a variety of payment options. Some examples of what we can do for you include:

  • Low monthly payments with terms up to 60 months
  • Variety of end-of-term options: own for $1, purchase for the fair market value, return equipment or renew contract term
  • Options to treat your purchase as an operating expense or capital expense
  • No Payments Due for the First 120 Days (Special Promotion)

Benefits of Financing

  • Low monthly payments with terms up to 60 months - Have a fixed, regular payment with no money down. Save cash for other revenue-generating activities.
  • Fast and Simple Process - With a one-page credit application, you can have a credit decision for application-only transactions generally within 4 business hours. Larger transactions generally have a credit decision within 2-4 business days.
  • 100% Financing - Finance 100% of the solution cost including “soft costs” such as services, freight, installation, training, and other charges into the single monthly payment.

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