Mellanox Networking

The Mellanox SN3700C is a 1U 32-port 100GbE Open Ethernet Network spine that can also be used as a high density 10/25GbE leaf when used with splitter cables.



General Switch Details:
PORTS: 32 x 100GbE QSFP28 ports
POWER: 2 x 1100W AC power supplies (P2C Airflow – Rear-to-front)
OS: Cumulus Linux v 4.1.1

The SN3700C Switch Allows for Maximum Flexibility.

  • NVIDIA What Just Happened (WJH) telemetry dramatically reduces mean time to issue resolution
  • Hardware-accelerated histograms track and summarize queue depths at submicrosecond granularity
  • Inband Network Telemetry (INT)-ready hardware
  • Streaming Telemetry
  • 512K on-chip flow counters
  • Fully shared packet buffer provides a fair, predictable and high bandwidth data path
  • Consistent and low cut-through latency
  • Robust RoCE transport to power NVMe over fabric and Machine Learning applications that leverage NVIDIA GPUDirect
  • Best-in-class VXLAN scale 10X more tunnels and tunnel endpoints than others
  • 512K shared forwarding entries flexibly shared across ACL, LPM routes, host routes, MAC, ECMP and tunnel applications
  • Comprehensive Layer-2, Layer-3 and RoCE
  • Advanced network virtualization with high performance single pass VXLAN routing and IPv6 segment routing
  • Cloud Scale NAT 100K+ sessions
  • Programmable pipeline that can programmatically parse, process and edit packets
  • Deep Packet Inspection 512B deep