Meet the Team - William Heckler

Posted by Kat Jorgensen on Mar 04, 2021

Volume 1 / Issue 7
By Kat Jorgensen


Although originally from California, having spent most of his formative years in Michigan, Will considers himself a Michigan man. He moved to Florida when his girlfriend’s family needed help opening a business. He jumped at the chance to get away from the snow.

In 2019, he met another member of the xByte team while selling a desk on Facebook Marketplace and joined the team shortly after. Will has a thirst for knowledge and xByte provides ample opportunities to learn and grow. Will has always been interested in technology. At a young age, he spent a few summers breaking down used computers and building gaming computers for his friends. Will went to school for CNC machining, but was not passionate about the industry and decided to turn a childhood hobby into a career. Will has been a great addition to xByte, bringing his previous hands-on experience with computers and love for technology to the team. Using his experience and growing knowledge, he likes to come up with creative solutions for his customers. Will embodies the saying, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.”

“We have always received great of service from xByte. Will has been very responsive and
is always super supportive” – AA

5 things about Will:

  • Will has bought and sold over 1 million Magic: The Gathering cards over a 1-year period, but now he just plays Magic: The Gathering for fun.
  • All throughout high school, Will played guitar, keyboard, and drums, and still enjoys spending time improvising and experimenting with different sounds.
  • Will and his girlfriend spend time together playing games. Their favorites are League of Legends, Valorant, and Among Us.
  • Will likes to cook dinner with his girlfriend once a week. They make something new every week. Ask Will for some of his favorite recipes.
  • If he were to describe himself as a server, it would be an MX7000 with one compute blade and seven storage blades. Just like the MX7000, he has access to a pool of resources that he makes available to his customers, and he is very agile so he can assist in multiple ways.

Memorable customer story

Will had a customer who had been told by another vendor that they needed to purchase some NVMe drives to solve an issue they were having. Will took the time to listen and understand the problem the customer was facing. With the help of the xByte team, Will discovered it was a simple fix that did not require the purchase of expensive NVMe drives. By taking the time to listen and come up with the correct solution, Will saved the customer over $60k and endless frustration. The customer was impressed by the quick and accurate answer and is now a loyal customer of Will’s. With great people like Will on the xByte Team, it is not surprising why xByte can pride themselves on high customer service, making sure they make every interaction with customers a great one!

“The support we got in ‘Live Optics’ was great and helped us in choosing the type and specs of the file server. He [Will] has been supportive and responsive...” – KK

Reach out to Will for your IT solution by:
Office:(941) 312-7897
4614 19th St. Ct. East, Bradenton, FL 34203

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