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Website Features

Easily personalize your server

Configure a custom server more accurately and in less time. Avoid mistakes by using our popup help menus to find out more information about each server option. Simply hover over the question mark to see additional comments by our technicians. To help keep you on budget, we display the price of each upgrade along with a floating price of the entire server that is always visible. After selecting your option, click on the "minus" button to collapse the section and see more of your selections on the screen.

Save time reordering saved server configurations

Ordering a repeat configuration is now just a couple clicks away. After adding a custom server to your cart, simply click on the "save" button and give your server a name to allow for future use.

When you want to reorder that same server, just click on "retrieve cart" to quickly add it your current shopping cart. With unique names for each cart, you can save multiple servers and easily be able to distinquish between them.

Quickly find related products with linked cross references

Listing attributes for each product is good, but letting you click on any attribute to find like products is better. On any product page, you can click on an attribute and be taken to a filtered list of all products that share that same attribute. Having to search through long lists of irrelevant products is a thing of the past.

Reinforce product selection with image gallery and zoom

Without leaving the product page, view multiple angles and zoom in to see every detail. You will be able to see network ports, IO connectivity, and USB connections on servers. On controllers, make sure the pin connectors are correct. Get an up close view of the back of the hard drive to verify that you have the right connections.