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We buy New, Used, Refurb & Off-Lease IT Equipment

xByte Technologies has a GREEN Ecologically-friendly recycling program whereby we either re-use, refurbish, re-sell or properly recycle outdated IT Equipment.

With a combination of our ability to move quickly in the marketplace and Millions in buying power, we can purchase anything from small batches of servers to full Fortune 500 data centers.

We are currently purchasing Dell, HP, and IBM Intel based servers (quad core and above) and storage arrays. We can also make large purchases of server class components such as CPUs, Memory, Hard Drives, RAID Cards, NICs and other components.

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Please note that xByte Technologies purchases products only from the rightful owners of products or from agents knowingly acting on behalf of the owner of such products and where the seller of any products is not under any contractual obligations not to sell to reseller of such products.