Dell PowerEdge R830

The Dell PowerEdge R830 was built for workload-centric adaptability and flexibility. The R830 can perform various compute-intensive, memory-bound or I/O-centric workloads and readily adapt to any applications. This server is great for Oracle RAC and SQL Server because available resources can be fine-tuned to maximize application performance. With redundant embedded hypervisors, the R830 is fail-safe for virtual environments.

Along with flexibility and scalability, the R830 allows you to efficiently manage you other Dell servers in physical, virtual, local and remote environments using iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller and OpenManage Essentials. OpenManage automates the most frequently performed server managed tasks.

  • Easily scale performance to meet future, unknown demands
  • Build out test and development environments affordably
  • Significantly consolidate servers while increasing overall performance
  • Efficiently support SAN environments

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