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Business Web Hosting: Fast, Secure and Reliable Dell Servers

xByte offers industry leading web hosting solutions for startup, small and medium sized businesses that have substantial IT needs, without an investment in a substantial IT staff. We meet or beat industry standards for uptime, responsiveness, and reliability, 4 hour response time, and for over the last 3 years 100% server uptime. Our security is so robust it meets HIPPA standards for protecting sensitive medical information.

For fast, secure and reliable web hosting that won’t take a full IT team to manage, xHosting is the right solution.
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Onsite Service: Server Uptime, All the Time
With xByte’s robust hosting solutions, you have the advantages of a deep IT bench without having to actually staff one. Our technicians are onsite 24/7 to ensure a 4 hour response time, and for over the last 3 years 100% server uptime.

xHosting is perfect for companies tired of maintaining a costly infrastructure. With our hosting, you’ll have a team working for you, ensuring your server platform is fast, secure and reliable, so you can focus on the software services that really matter to your bottom line. So when it’s absolutely, positively vital that your system never be down at all, go with xHosting. We keep the hardware running.

Smart Hosting with a Smarter ROI
Most host companies are happy to lease you space indefinitely. Why shouldn’t they be? You keep paying, they keep collecting, and you receive value only for as long as the checks keep coming.

It doesn’t have to be that way. xByte offers the smartest leased hosting in the business: a lease to own program that costs exactly the same as a traditional hosting plan, but there’s one major difference: When the lease ends, you own the hardware.

How do we do this? We leverage our massive Dell inventory with excellent hosting partners to reduce costs, create value, and provide a single package at a fraction of its normal price.

Don’t leave your business on the hook for hosting over the long haul. Switch to xHosting from xByte Technologies, and turn your hosting expense to an infrastructure investment, without the infrastructure cost.

Keep Your Cash Where It Belongs - In Your Business
When your startup or small business is growing, every dollar counts. Make sure you put your money where it belongs: into the business, not the IT infrastructure to support it. With xHosting, you don’t have to. Our previously leased servers are fast, secure and reliable, and what’s more, affordable on a startup budget.

Whether you’re setting up to launch, prepping for a big project, or just need to bring in new hardware for your growing business, turn to xHosting for quality servers at the most competitive prices in the industry. And put the money you save back in the business where it belongs.