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The Sylint Group selects xByte Technologies as IT Vendor

xByte Technologies, a leading provider of information technology (IT) solutions and reseller of IT equipment, today announced that the Sylint Group has selected it as its IT provider. The Sylint Group provides security solutions for businesses and other organizations on the web.
"We have saved a ton by not always buying from a manufacturer," said Jeffry Woods, IT Director of the Sylint Group. "When we can use xByte Technologies and get the same item for sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars less, it allows us to pass those savings along to the client."

xByte Technologies has been providing IT solutions for nearly ten years. Currently, xByte Technologies features more than 5,000 servers and 100,000 parts in stock and ready for shipment. The organization uses genuine Dell parts, including Dell PowerEdge Servers, to give the best service to its customers. Additionally, all technicians are Dell certified, allowing them to focus on providing quality service efficiently.

"Being able to get the gear so fast allows me to put the equipment in faster and move to my next task," said Woods. "The biggest thing for us is when a client is down and needs new hardware. Their stress levels get a lot higher when we have to have them wait for weeks, but when we can have the hardware within a day and their network back up and running, that makes a world of difference."