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Security First Corp Chooses xByte Technologies as its IT Provider

Security First Corp, developer of SecureParserĀ® and the SPx family of data security and high availability products, recently selected xByte Technologies as a KEY IT equipment vendor. With this new business relationship, xByte provides Security First with a full range of enterprise level servers, storage options and parts.
Bill Goodwin, VP of Operations for Security First Corp. says, "We considered our options, but response time from the manufacturers were weeks away - too long for our needs. We wanted Dell servers delivered quickly - the next day. There was an urgent requirement to set up and test secure mail systems. With xByte we get next day service and are up and running in no time."

For most of the company's history, xByte dealt exclusively with Dell Poweredge servers and parts, but the company launched its IBM division in October 2011. This new service area allows xByte to offer an even larger range of servers and parts to expand its customer base while at the same time maintaining its excellent delivery system. xByte delivers equipment within 24-hours of order placement.

This fast delivery is essential in the ever-evolving world of IT infrastructures that so many businesses depend on. Security First and other companies rely on xByte to supply the necessary IT equipment in a very short period of time. For over 10 years the management and employees at xByte have provided a huge supply and variety of servers, parts, storage disks and tapes, all at great prices.

"We easily saved over $20k in material costs," reports Mr. Goodwin of Security First Corp.

The attractive prices also set xByte apart from other resellers. xByte Technologies is the choice for top companies that need new servers or parts quickly, and can't afford to wait weeks or even days. Many companies, after using other vendors, discover that xByte offers the best delivery times and the best prices for IT equipment. This unique added value is one reason xByte Technologies is growing at such a rapid pace.