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Refurbished Redefined

When a Dell customer places an order, the company sends the order to an assembly line to be built, packaged and shipped. Technicians pick the necessary parts and send them to the assembly line, along with parts for the hundreds of other orders being fulfilled that day.

Imagine that the customer cancels their order while their equipment is on the line. What happens next?

Rather than bring the line to a stop, Dell finishes the build and sells the equipment at a discount. When they do that, the machine is labeled refurbished.

Which means that many of the refurbished machines sold by xByte Technologies are not just refurbished, they’ve never been used. So you get the benefit of buying never used equipment at a significant cost savings by taking advantage of the realities of made to order manufacturing.

The Best Practices of Reputable Refurbishers

Reputable resellers start with procuring refurbished servers, storage and parts from a high quality source, such as Dell. There are several steps resellers should take to ensure the equipment functions properly throughout their service life. That’s why xByte Technologies has:

Dell Certified Technicians

xByte Technologies makes sure our people are trained at the highest level. We use Dell Certified Technicians throughout the refurbishment process, starting with receiving equipment at the door, and continuing until products are packaged and shipped to clients. That not only guarantees that that techs servicing the servers, storage and parts we sell have true expertise on the specific hardware they work on, but that they have a direct line to Dell support. When help is needed, Dell is right there to provide it.

So whatever vendor you use, ask how their technicians are certified. If they haven’t been trained by a reputable third party like Dell, walk away.

Static Free Environment

Our technicians ensure quality throughout the process, ranging from handling servers, storage and parts in a static free environment, to creating custom packaging that ensures xByte products arrive at their destination in the same condition they left the factory floor.

An example of xByte’s relentless attention to keeping equipment static free are the trays xByte uses for shipping memory. They’re anti-static, fitted trays that result in a great presentation, a superior product, and the assurance that the memory will work exactly as intended.

Industry Leading Packaging

Those anti-static trays are just one reason why xByte Technologies has some of the best packaging in the business: double walled, made from heavy cardboard, and drop tested. We ship in a variety of boxes, with inserts especially designed for small parts to ensure they arrive in the same condition they left the factory in.

xByte regularly tests their packaging to ensure a tight, safe fit during shipping for servers, storage and parts. When a customer opens an xByte box, they can feel confident that their parts arrive safely.

Hard Drive Boxes

xByte spent months developing a custom drive box that uses custom foam inserts. The inserts slide right into the box, providing the best possible fit, and thus the best possible protection. The inserts ensure that the drives stand up to a rigorous drop test.

These are just two examples of how xByte Technologies goes the extra mile to ensure that the refurbished Dell servers, storage and parts our customers rely on are no different than the new ones they might have bought directly from Dell - at a higher price.

The Extra Mile

Perhaps it’s obvious, but the point of all this effort on the part of the reseller is to ensure that the refurbished servers, storage or parts you buy are every bit as up to spec as the same equipment purchased new. To that end, xByte Technologies goes a little further in our refurbishment process than many other vendors - even reputable ones. Consider this:

  • We update all the firmware to the most recent versions.
  • We run diagnostics to ensure that the updates don’t create any compatibility problems.
  • We work in completely static free environments.

That means that when you buy refurbished servers, storage, or parts from xByte Technologies, it’s actually been updated to the day it ships to you - reducing the time it takes to get your server up and ready.

Once it’s up and running, it’s critical it stays that way. It’s worth asking a few questions to understand how strongly your vendor stands behind their products. With a few questions, you can understand the programs that reflect their attitude towards their products after they go out the door.


When making a purchase for your IT infrastructure, get peace of mind by using a vendor that provides a warranty on their hadware. This will ensure you get the most value out of your equipment and the support you might need. Just because it's listed as refurbished, doesn't mean it isn't covered.

At xByte, all hardware is sold with a warranty. We want you to feel confident in your purchase and know it will be supported. Newer generation servers are backed with the original Dell 5 year NBD On-Site warranty, with the option to upgrade to Pro-Support. Parts and legacy items are also covered by xByte's warranty. A robust warranty program should also cover shipping. You shouldn't have to bear the cost of a product that doesn't work as intended, and shipping is part of that cost. If your vendor's warranty doesn't cover the product and the shipping, walk away.

What if the product you purchased arrives in perfect condition, but you no longer want or need it? At xByte, we have a 30-day no questions asked return policy. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, every time.

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