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Dell PowerEdge M600 Servers

Dell PowerEdge M600 The PowerEdge M600 is an Intel processor-based 2-socket, half-height blade server built for virtualization, mainstream business applications and front-end database workloads.

Common Uses
  • Virtual Server
  • Database Server
  • Application Server

Dell PowerEdge M600 Blade

Dell PowerEdge M600 Blade

  • CPU(s):  Max 2 x Intel 54XX Quad Core CPUs
  • Memory: 8 DIMM Slots (Max 64GB)
  • HDD:  2.5" Hot Swap SAS, SATA and Near Line
  • Condition:  Refurbished
  • Starting at $99.00
  • was $799.00
  • save $700.00
  • Custom Configuration

xByte holds an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality customer service and products. Our diverse stock, including the Dell PowerEdge M600, is ready to be packed and shipped at a moment’s notice, making us one of the few refurbished Dell PowerEdge M600 server suppliers who can ship within 24-hours of order.

Our Dell PowerEdge M600 Warranty

Purchasing a Dell PowerEdge M600 from xByte isn’t much of a gamble, because not only is this a fantastic Dell server, but we also provide a 14-day no questions asked return policy. In addition to this lengthy return period, we are also happy to offer an industry leading warranty, because we stand by the quality of our Dell PowerEdge M600 servers. Learn about our warranty policy by clicking here.

Certifed Technicians

Our technicians have all been trained by Dell to understand the specific details of the Dell PowerEdge M600 server and they are an important part of our unique equation for success. Every employee at xByte understands that our success hinges on providing great customer service and an amazing customer experience, which is why our technicians are happy to assist with any of your setup or troubleshooting needs for your Dell PowerEdge M600 server.

Customer Friendly Purchase Policy

xByte’s business model and environmental stability go hand in hand. We are happy to purchase our customers used, outdated or off-lease IT equipment in order to refurbish it and resell it on the market, like our Dell PowerEdge M600 servers. Thank you from us and the environment for your contribution to the best server recycling possible.

Whether you’re looking for a Dell PowerEdge M600 server or one of our other high quality products, you will not be disappointed. xByte Technologies is ready to help you find the IT equipment that makes the most sense for your unique needs.